Production Services

Design - Our design and packaging engineer staff has years of experience creating the most efficient and effective package for your product.

Prototypes/Samples - Techni-Pak will develop and submit prototype samples of designs. Samples can be made from specs, dummy or live products, or drawings.

Testing - Testing - Techni-Pak will drop test and/or shake test the samples we create in accordance to ASTM, ISTA, or other testing standard methods. Please contact us if you have specific needs for Hazardous materials packing and shipping as well as UN Certification or other certifications requirements.

Enhancement/Assembly - Techni-Pak will assemble products, set up cartons, glue or laminate various materials together, or consolidate items into polybags.

Inventory Control - If desired, a Techni-Pak representative will come to your facility on a predetermined basis, count materials on your floor, and arrange delivery. Our experts will work with your staff to organize your shipping area.

Just-In-Time Delivery - In order to alleviate the burden of warehousing materials, Techni-Pak will inventory your items and deliver them with 24 hours notice.






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